Additional Services 
  • Blanketing -$60/month
    • During winter months
    • There is a cleaning and repair service that services the ranch. Owner responsible for fees.
  • Grooming -$100/month
    • 3x/week- curry, dandy brush, hoof pick, bathe as needed
  • Retirement Care -$200/month
    • Grooming + lungeing/turnout 3x/week
  • Body Clip- $150


Board Options 

**Pens, Loafing Sheds and Stalls are allocated by specific need, veterinarian instructions and availability.**

  • All fees are due the First of each month, in addition to a one-time security deposit, equaling one month’s fee. 
    • Pens
      • Standard Pen (24’x48’)- $500
      • Medium Pen (36’x48’)- $525
      • Large Pen (48’x60’)- $575
    • Loafing Shed Pens
      • 24’x48’ pen with 12’x12’ loafing shed- $525
      • 48’x60’ pen with 12’x12’ loafing shed- $550
      • Pasture with 12’x16’ loafing shed- $650
    • Box Stalls (12’x12’) with Runs
      • varying size runs- $575
    • Foaling Stalls with Private Pasture
      • 12’x24’ box stall- $750
      • mare and nursing foal count as 1 horse
    • Dry Stall
      • holding any stall or pen for future use- $200
      • minimum 1 month
Medical/Surgical Care Packages 
  • ​All treatments and care are only done under direction of your veterinarian.
  • All medical care packages include
    • collaborating plan of care with veterinarians, farriers, and other care providers
    • reporting of updates and/or changes to owner/veterinarian
    • documentation of progress notes in a personal file that is made available to owner/veterinarian as needed
  • Any supplies required (i.e. bandages, ointments, syringes etc) will be billed separate from care or provided by owner
  • Any horse requiring the administration of daily medication other than what is given at lunch, which is added to their feed, will be considered in full or partial care.

Medical/ Surgical Rehab- Partial Care: $250/month (3 days/week), Full Care: $375.00/month (5 days/ week) 

  • Care includes
    • routine temperatures
    • changing of standing wraps/bandages
    • icing/cold hosing 
    • grooming/bathing
    • medication administration as directed by veterinarian
    • hand-walking and/or lunging as directed by veterinarian

Medical/Surgical Patient Advanced Care: $25-$50/day

  • This care is specific for the post-operative horse or a horse that requires close monitoring
  • Billed by the day on an as-needed basis. Most horses require this level of care for a short period after being discharged from the hospital. This is charged in addition to full care.
  • All treatments and care is only done under direction of your veterinarian or equine hospital veterinarians.
  • Services include but are not limited to
    • close monitoring/ vital signs
    • injections- IV/IM/Sub-Q
    • topical/otic/optic medications
    • dressing/bandage changes
    • suture/staple removal
    • wound care

​As Needed Care: $10/day plus supplies

  • This package is focused on lower level care and charged by a per day basis
  • Services in this package include but are not limited to
    • Administration of prescription topical/otic/optic/IM/IV/Sub-Q and oral medications that cannot be added to feed
    • Eye Care (eye wash, cold compress, application of RX medications, maintenance of fly mask)
    • Abscess treatment
    • Minor wound treatment

Rehabilitation/Conditioning Packages

  • All rehab/conditioning work is only done under the direction of your veterinarian

Rehabilitation: 3 or 5 days/week- Inquire for Current Rates

  • Lunging with weighted surcingle
  • Walking or light trotting under saddle
  • Includes grooming and bathing

Conditioning: 3 or 5 days/week-Inquire for Current Rates

  • Focus on increasing fitness and stamina to return to a full training or showing program
  • Walk/trot/canter under saddle
  • Includes grooming and bathing
Feed Options 
  • Hay Options
    • Feeding of Alfalfa/Teff hay 2x/day included in price
      • ​​Orchard + $100/month
      • Timothy +$100/month
    • Lunch/Extra Flake (price per feeding)
      • Alfalfa/ Teff- $50/month
      • Orchard/Timothy- $70/month
  • Pellets/Grain Options
    • 1 scoop is about 3lbs dry feed on average. Some feeds may be slightly more/less.
      • ATB Pellets (Alfalfa/Timothy/Brome)- 1 scoop/day- $40/month
      • Timothy Pellets- 1 scoop/day- $40/month
      • Cavalor Strucomix Senior-1 scoop/day- $80/month
      • Integrity Senior with Molasses- 1 scoop/day- $60/month
      • Triple Crown Low Starch- 1 scoop/day- $60/month
      • Unstabilized Rice Bran- 1 scoop/day- $40/month
      • Beet Pulp- 1 scoop/day- $35/month
  • Other feed types can be accommodated
  • ​​All Prices Include
    • Alfalfa or Teff hay 2x/day (lunch feeding also available)
    • Feeding of owner provided grain/supplements/oral medications
      • Owners may have a credit card on file at American Horse Products in San Juan and the ranch will order grain as needed, or we can order add to your monthly invoice
    • Stall cleaning twice per day
  • Bedding is included in board
    • We use premium dust free shavings ~12 cubic feet per bag
    • Bedding is delivered to each stall every 2 weeks.
      • Standard, medium and large pipe pens ~ 4 bags per month
      • 12x12 Box stalls ~ 6 bags per month
      • Pastures ~ 8 bags per month in the box stall or loafing shed
    • Additional bedding may be purchased for $10/bag
  • Wellness check daily
  • Use of facilities
  • Staff will meet with vets for appointments
  • Staff will keep track of deworming/farrier/vet schedules
    • Owner responsible for paying vets and farriers directly for their services